“A Tribute To Sonata Arctica” // 18.11.2014

We are happy to announce that we will participate at the upcoming "A Tribute To Sonata Arctica" album. Many great bands, for example also our friends from Xandria, will do songs of Sonata Arctica. We decided to do "Replica" from the album "Ecliptica" (1999). For more information please follow the link, which takes you to the kickstarter campaign for "A Tribute To Sonata Arctica". We are proud to join this project. Thank you for that, Ouergh Records!

Carina as a wedding singer //

Our singer Carina Hanselmann is now officially a wedding singer. Check out her facebookpage "Carinas Hochzeitsgesang" and follow her, if you like what she is doing.

Zwickau rocks! // 08.11.2014

Thank you so much for the great welcome in Zwickau! It was the first time for us to play in the area and we have to say: Zwickau rocks! Thanks to Alexander Luehnenkamp for the pics!
There will be a little break from live concerts the next months, but we have other projects in the pipeline! More info next week!

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Live in Wetzlar (GER) // 28.10.2014

Next saturday, the long time of waiting is finally over and we will return to the stage! On November, 1st we will rock at Franzis in Wetzlar! In the setlist there will be some songs, we didn't play for a long time, so it's gonna be exiting!
We'll share the stage with Seventh Sin, who will come all the way from the Netherlands. You should listen to their stuff, you won't be disappointed!
On November 7th, the show goes on at Alter Gasometer in Zwickau!

“My Dear Friend” (Piano Version by Elena Yatsula) // 27.09.2014

Our piano player Elena shows how to play "My Dear Friend" from the album "Music of Light". Have fun watching and playing it and don't be shy to show us your cover!

Sad News // 03.07.2014

With great regret we have to inform you, that Ines won’t come back as our guitarplayer in Arven. We want to thank her for the countless amazing experiences we shared in this band together and wish her all the best for her future musical carreer! Here is what Ines has to say:

„Dear Fans,
I am very sorry to tell you that I won’t come back to Arven as a guitar player anymore. My year in the USA was very exciting and it was a great experience pushing me towards my dream with the classical guitar. I have fallen in love with the country and the people and I decided to stay here to study in a doctoral program at USC in Los Angeles. I will pursue a doctoral degree in music (DMA) and this will take about 3 years, a time which is too long to be substituted for Arven.
I am really sorry to leave the band and if it wouldn’t be so far away I would love to try to continue playing! Unfortunately it is unrealistic and not good for the band if I won’t be around.
I will always be in touch with the girls and Till and I will be their biggest fan, even if it is time for me to move on.
Thank you all for the great time I had in my very first metal band I ever played in. It was an amazing time and I am happy that I had this experience. I hope the band will find a new member who is motivated and happy to play this wonderful music.
Thank you all for the great support! Maybe some time our paths will cross again…
Love, Ines“

Things must go on, and as you might have guessed we are in need for a new great female guitarplayer. So if you’re interested watch out for more info about that coming soon!

Ines, we will miss you so much and we won’t forget the great times we spend together!

Spotify Profile of Massacre Records // 01.07.2014

The new Spotify-Profile of our Label MASSACRE RECORDS is online! You can find Arven on their Playlist “The Best Of Female Fronted Metal”:

Arven live on air at BOROs Rockshow // 29.04.2014

On saturday, febuary 8th, 9pm we will be live on air at BORO's Rockshow on Radio Darmstadt!

Of course there will be music from our new album "Black is the Colour" and (nearly) the whole band will face BORO's questions.

If you have questions or greetings, which should be mentioned in the show, just post on Facebook! CLICK

You can get Radio Darmstadt on 103,4 in the south of Hesse, or on the Internet Livestream on www.radiodarmstadt.de or http://radiodarmstadt.radio.de/

Newsletter // 14.04.2014

Many people asked us about an Arven-newsletter. So here it comes!
Just send an e-mail to:


to get registered.

Of course you can send us your questions, suggestions, critics or greetings, too!

The Van Canto Experience…was great! // 28.03.2014

So that were the three dates we joined Van Canto and Winterstorm on the Tour of the Brave 2014. It was just incredibly amazing! All our expectations have been beaten by far! We had packed venues in Strasbourg, Ludwigsburg and Aschaffenburg and the crowds were simply awesome! Thank you so much – we will come back!

Van Canto and Winterstorm both put the hell of a show on the stages while being the nicest and most funny guys in the backstage!

See you all in May and June when we return to the stages to support Xandria in Schüttdorf and Hamburg, at the Out and Loud Festival in Geiselwind and at the Metalfest in Pilsen!

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